What To Expect from A Dental Hygienist Appointment?

What To Expect from A Dental Hygienist Appointment?

7th July 2021

Visiting a dental hygiene expert regularly is crucial for the well-being of your oral health. Other than shiny, white teeth, one can also avoid potential troubles if they have an expert keep an eye on their gums and teeth regularly.
However, often people tend to shy away from their appointments because they don’t know what to expect drying a visit. Fortunately for you, we have this guide on what to expect from a dental appointment.
1. Inquiry About Medical History
Your dental hygienist will initiate the process by asking a bunch of questions related to your medical health. It is important to keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean oral health or how many times you brush your teeth. Following are some questions you can expect from a regular checkup.

  • Do you consume any oral medicines for the treatment of any illness
  • What is your regular oral care routine
  • Questions related to pregnancy or allergies if they apply to you
  • Questions related to sensitivity to cold or hot food items and drinks

2. Inspection and Examination
Next up, once the medical history has been cleared out of the way, your dental hygienist will then conduct an oral examination. This would be done to gauge the state of your teeth and gums. During the examination, doctors are eliminating the concept of oral cancer. Various procedures can be used, such as low-dose x-rays, etc., to sniff out any tumors and bone loss, etc.
Going to an experienced dental surgeon such as those at Sovereign House is crucial so that there is no leniency or inadequacy in the examination process.
3. Clean Up
Post the examination phase, dental experts usually suggest a thorough cleaning of the mouth. However, this is not mandatory and can depend on the oral hygiene of a person to the next. If cleaning is suggested, it will most probably start with the teeth. First, any accurate plaque (if there) will be removed. This plaque can be present both on the inner and outer sides of the teeth.
To remove it efficiently, scaling is done. Next up, if there are any stains on the internal or external side of the teeth, polishing is done to return them to their former glory. Lastly, to finish off the process, the dental expert will provide you with insight on treatment to fight off issues of sensitivity and decay.
4. Post-Cleaning Plan
To top it all off, once the entire procedure has been completed, your hygienist will then sit you down to have a chat regarding the treatment plan you should opt for. These treatment plans are customized according to the oral needs of every patient, and upon the diagnosis, the doctor attains after the initial examination.
Further, advice regarding oral care, such as when to floss and brush, etc., will also be made aware to the patient.
And there you have it! While medical appointments of any sort can be quite intimidating, learning about them beforehand can avoid a lot of hesitation and stress.

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