Dentistry: Who plays what role?

Dentistry: Who plays what role?

4th August 2021

Do you know what is the first thing that most people notice when we first meet them? It is our smile. As neglectful as some people are about it, oral health is a vital contributor to our overall wellbeing and health.

But oral health is beyond just having a beautiful smile. It also includes having healthy gums, cavity-free teeth, and of course, a mouth that not only looks but smells healthy!

So, who are the people that ensure that we take good care of our oral health? Dentists! Having healthy gums and teeth is a lifelong commitment, and the dentists ensure that we fulfill it.

However, the roles in dentistry are not limited to a regular dentist who does our checkup and prescribes us flossing and brushing our teeth regularly. The branches of dentistry spread and divide into more roles that we will be looking through in the article below.

Roles in Dentistry

General Dentist

The most known type, a dentist, is the first point of contact for a patient with oral health concerns. If needed, the dentist then further recommends the patients to other dentistry professionals like surgeons, therapists, etc.

General dentists have more to do with the overall care and health of the teeth. Their role includes annual or monthly checkups, dental cleaning, and recommending preventative measures. For example, you would commonly hear a general dentist telling his patients to avoid too much sweet, brush twice a day, etc.

Dental Surgeon

Dental surgeons carry out medical procedures on the areas around the jaw and teeth to treat diseases, defects, or injuries. The procedures can include removing wisdom teeth, tooth extraction, removing oral tumors, and repairing soft tissues.

The role, however, is not limited to oral surgery. Some dental surgeons also specialize in jaw realignment or other reconstructive surgeries for patients who have suffered from a severe facial injury.

Dental Therapist

The dental therapist takes on the work prescribed to the patient by the dentist. This includes removal of deposits, teeth polishing, scaling, taking dental x-rays or impressions of the teeth, and putting in crowns.

They also specialize in dealing with children and their oral treatment, like extracting a child’s tooth or undertaking routine oral fixes of toddlers and permanent teeth.

As the name suggests, dental therapists have a more significant part to play in dealing with patients having disabilities, dental anxiety, or those who have rare access to regular and proper dental care.

Dental Hygienist

The role of a dental hygienist overlaps with that of a dental therapist. By hygiene, it is easy to tell that the dental hygienist is responsible for ensuring that the patient has clean and healthy teeth!

Their role mainly includes cleaning the patient’s teeth and then guiding them further on how to maintain proper oral health on their own.

While surgeries by dental surgeons might be painful, dental hygienists take care of pain-free procedures like polishing and descaling teeth to ensure healthy gums.

Now that you are aware of the different roles in dentistry, why not meet our team of professionals at Sovereign? If you have any concerns regarding your oral health and want a beautiful, healthy smile, react to us at our website . We will be glad to assist you!

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