How To Beat Anxiety Linked To Visiting The Dentist

How To Beat Anxiety Linked To Visiting The Dentist

8th September 2021

Going to the dentist is not fun for most people. According to a new study, roughly 34% of patients from the UK are afraid before an appointment and avoid going because they're scared, with millions missing or cancelling their appointments because of this fear.

There are many reasons you might fear the dentist. Perhaps your dental terror stems from a past painful experience, or maybe it's because of painkillers wearing off mid-treatment. In addition to these fears, some patients also have anxiety about having someone working in their mouth and being embarrassed due to not keeping up with home care responsibilities such as brushing twice daily and flossing regularly for optimum oral health.

But you know what, you can work your way around this anxiety. And this piece will cover those tips you can use to beat that anxious feeling.

So setting up an appointment at Sovereign House using these few tips to get over your fear of the dental chair. That little pinch of pain saves you lots of misery later on.

Talk to your dentist about your anxiety

Believe it or not, dentists do understand where you are coming from. And communicating with them beforehand, they do all they can to help you cope better. Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-producing experience for some people. Here are a few suggestions that dentists use often:

●The dentist takes you through the process step by step.

●The supporting staff plays some calming music.

●They describe the procedure as they do it as reassurance.

Go with a friend or someone your trust

It is a great idea to tag along with someone you love to the dentist. Knowing that someone you know is waiting for you is reassuring, and it will help you calm your nerves. Some clinics will even allow them to accompany you inside, which enables you to cope better.

Get to the dentist early but not too early

When you have anxiety, an hour can feel like an eternity. So much so, try to get there early but not too early. And when you do go, carry with you something to keep you busy. Perhaps a magazine or play a video game. You can also watch something on your phone or tablet as you wait for the doctor. These distractions will make time move faster and help you mitigate feelings and thoughts of anxiety.

Ask for sedation

If your anxiety is too much, you could simply ask the dentist to sedate you so that you can sleep through the procedure. Snoring through a dental process might be possible with the calming qualities of nitrous oxide and oral sedatives. Many patients appreciate this quality because it can reduce the stress associated with visiting the dentist's office.

Bottom line

Finally, the days of dreading your dental appointments are over. Today's dentists work hard to create pain-free and welcoming environments that prioritise keeping you smiling bright and healthy for years on end. Use our helpful dentist anxiety tips as a safety blanket before stepping into your next appointment – we guarantee it will be an experience worth sharing with others who need some help conquering their fear of going to the dentist too.

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