Hygiene Services

Maintaining a clean mouth and healthy gums is fundamental in maintaining our teeth in the long term and in order for complex treatments, such as implants, crowns and orthodontic treatments to be successful. Signs that you need to see the hygienist include bleeding gums on brushing or eating, gum swelling and halitosis (bad breath).

Teeth are intrinsically difficult to clean and most of us benefit from advice on the best way to clean our teeth and any areas that we are missing. Over time, plaque deposits calcify, to form hard deposits called calculus, and these deposits cannot be removed with brushing alone. Advice on tooth cleaning and removal of plaque and calculus is carried out at the hygiene appointments, together with stain removal, with a treatment plan that is specific to individual patient needs.

Patients with periodontal (gum) disease have a poor tolerance to plaque and plaque accumulations around the teeth can cause gum inflammation and bone loss. For periodontally susceptible patients we usually recommend three monthly scaling with a hygienist, so that the plaque levels around the teeth are minimal, reducing the risk of further bone loss.

Patients are able to refer themselves directly to our hygienists without seeing one of our dentists first. The appointment time for the initial visit is 45 minutes, as the hygienist will need to do a more thorough assessment of your gums, seeing you for the first time. Depending on the health of your gums, you may be asked to return for further visits, until your gums are completely healthy.

Morag Wood

General Dental Council Registration Number 1380

General Dental Council Registered Hygienist

Anne Symons

General Dental Council Registration Number 3177

General Dental Council Registered Hygienist


£65 - ½ hour

£90 - ¾ hour