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Endodontics in Brentwood, Essex

Sovereign House Specialist Dental Centre is based Brentwood, Essex and offer expert help and advice on Endodontic (root canal treatment).

Root canal treatment

Healthy (vital) teeth have a nerve supply and a blood supply within the pulp of the tooth. On occasions, decay, deep filings or trauma can damage the pulp tissue, and the pulp becomes inflamed and the tissue may die and the tooth becomes non-vital.

Non-vital teeth may be completely symptom free and are sometimes discovered on routine x-rays. At other times, the tooth develops symptoms such as being very reactive to hot and cold temperatures within the mouth, pain on biting or poorly localised pain. There may be signs of an infection, such as swelling or a ‘spot’ on the gum.

The treatment for an inflamed or dead pulp is the removal of the pulp tissue and its replacement with an inert filling material, a process known as root canal treatment. This is carried out under a ‘dam,’ which stops the root canal being infected by bacteria in the mouth, and with a local anaesthetic, so that the procedure, which is carried out over one or two visits, is painless.

On occasions, patients are referred to our Brentwood Dental Centre because a root canal treatment has failed and requires re-treatment with one of our Specialists, who use high magnification when treating the tooth. Sometimes a minor surgical procedure, an apicectomy, is required to treat persistent infections around the end of a tooth root.

Your endodontist will advise you on the treatment required to preserve your tooth, and treatments generally have a high success rate. You will be asked to return to your dentist for the final restoration of the tooth.

At Sovereign House we offer sedation in Brentwood for nervous patients. 

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Stephen Cawte

Stephen Cawte

BDS MSc(Cons) MFDS RCS (Ed) MClinDent MRD(Endo) RCS (Eng)
General Dental Council Registration Number 63222

General Dental Council Registered Specialist in Endodontics
Council Member and 2018 President of the British Endodontic Society

David Jones

David Jones

BSc BDS MFDS RCPS MClinDent (Endo) MEndo RCS (Ed)
General Dental Council Registration Number 85434

General Dental Council Registered Specialist in Endodontics

Where are we based

We are based in Brentwood, Essex in the High Street.

There are a number of public car parks in Brentwood, please visit our Contact page for more information.

Endodontics Essex FAQs

An initial consultation visit is necessary, to make the diagnosis and determine if the tooth would benefit from root canal treatment. Treatment is then carried out over 1 or 2 visits, depending on the level of infection and the complexity of the procedure.

Antibiotics are not routinely prescribed following root canal treatment, but there are a small number of patients who may benefit from them and the decision to prescribe is made on an individual basis.

Both treatments can only be carried out with effective pain control – neither procedure should hurt and both treatments often result in an improvement in pain levels.