Dentist Sedation in Brentwood, Essex

Sovereign House Dental Centre are based Brentwood, Essex and offer expert help and advice on dentist sedation.

What is conscious sedation?

For anxious patients, your dentist may recommend that you have your dental treatment with the help of sedation. Sedation is when drugs are used to make you feel less anxious and more relaxed. It will make you drowsy, less aware of what is happening and with few memories of what has happened to you during your treatment. It does not make you unconscious and you will have a vague awareness of what is happening.

Sedative drugs (medicines) can be given in a number of ways. Sedation is carried out here by injection into a vein in your hand or arm (intravenous). You will be given detailed written advice before the sedation treatment.

The dentist or doctor that administers the sedation is appropriately trained and you will be closely monitored throughout the sedation procedure. You will be kept in the surgery, until you have recovered.

Before any treatment is started, the dentist will ask you to confirm your consent. This means that you understand the planned treatment and how you will receive the sedation.

You will need someone to come with you on the day of your treatment so that he or she can look after you when you go home and over night. Your escort will also be given some important information about how best to look after you following your treatment under sedation. After sedation you should not drive, or operate machinery until the following day.

If you have any questions or are unclear about having your sedation, then do not hesitate to ask your dentist.


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Where are we based

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